tvONE 推出新一代全能型倍线器

pjtime资讯组 2014-05-20

    Beijing, China, May 20, 2014— tvONE (, 领先的高端视频和多媒体处理设备的设计与生产商,今天公布了几款产品及控制软件。随着2014年1月发布的最新款全能型视频倍线器,tvONE在未来开发的所有产品的使用效率和应用价值已进入到全新的时代。C2-2855全能型倍线器自面世以来,受到来自世界范围内系统集成商的广泛好评。离InfoComm还有几周,tvONE已宣布了与其相关的几项重大举措,如新增两个C2-2XXX系列产品。

tvONE 推出新一代全能型倍线器

    当问及到tvONE全新的触控用户界面和软件设计,市场总监Andy Fliss说,“我们的研发团队不负所望地,完美无缺地解决了我们客户的需求。我们新的C2-2000产品线减少了安装时间,缩短了学习过程,这就是集成商对此系列产品的最大赞誉。”全新的产品线具有如下特性:全新的,符合人体工程学设计的控制面板和直观的配置管理工具。使得集成商的现场安装更加高效,用户的操作更加便捷。

    tvONE不仅创造了一个全新的多功能倍线器解决方案,而且还维持了该系列的原有价位。C2-2855, C2-2755和C2-2655所取代的产品将在接下来的12月内停产。视频处理和倍线技术已实现了全新的多样性,这些新品更具有较高的性价比。我们将在InfoComm为您带来足够吸引眼球的亮点。请您拭目以待。

    About tvONE

    A subsidiary of Nortek, Inc., tvONE is a world class solutions provider specializing in video conversion and AV signal distribution. Headquartered in Erlanger, Kentucky, United States, with offices in Europe, USA, Taiwan, China and Latin America, tvONE provides a complete line-up of products and services for the professional AV and broadcast video markets. Following the global merger of tvONE and Magenta Research in July 2013, the new company tvONE now encompasses these two superior brands under one umbrella. For additional information, contact Charles by phone at 010-51582163 or by email at

    The tvONE brand specializes in video, audio and multimedia processing equipment, based on its proprietary CORIO® video conversion technology. Products include all-in-one system solutions, windowing processors, scan converters, seamless switchers, video scalers, up/down/cross converters, analog-digital converters (SD/HD-SDI, HDMI, DVI), format converters and standard converters.

    Magenta Research is the industry-recognized brand for the transmission, switching and flexible distribution of multi-format video, audio and auxiliary signals over fiber and Cat-X cabling. Products include AV extenders, distribution amplifiers and matrix switchers for DVI, HDMI, VGA, and component, composite, s-video, audio, USB, and RS-232 signals.

    To download an accompanying image suitable for publishing along with this application story, please use the following link, it will take you to tvONE’s Product Photo web page:

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